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Donald Trump demanded, then lost, a part in Scent Of A Woman

Here's your periodic reminder of Donald Trump: The Fragrance (Photo: Scott Harrison/Getty Images)

Scent Of A Woman was NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell’s first big break, a big, flashy platform for Al Pacino to act the shit out of the story of a blind, soul-wounded military vet getting ready to kill himself in one of New York’s poshest hotels. But there was apparently a slight snag in getting access to said hotel, The Plaza: Donald Trump owned it, and he wanted a part in the film.


This is per an interview O’Donnell gave Conan O’Brien tonight, who instantly delighted in the idea of Trump demanding Plaza filmers stick him and then-wife Marla Maples in their movie. (Come to think of it, that might explain Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2, as well.) Unfortunately for Trump, his part—which simply showed him and Marla arrive at the hotel shortly after O’Donnell and Pacino—just wasn’t interesting enough to stay in, and was swiftly cut. (O’Donnell tries to stay polite about the whole thing, but O’Brien is clearly gleeful at Trump’s imagined reaction to being cut.)

Meanwhile, there’s no word on whether Trump also contributed to the movie’s screenplay, or if writer Bo Goldman was simply channeling the future president when this lovely monologue made it in:

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