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Donald Trump calls Kathy Griffin’s decapitation photo “sick”

(Photo: Olivier Douliery—Pool/Getty Images)

Yesterday, TMZ helped spread the word about a dumb, ultimately unfunny thing that Kathy Griffin did. No, it wasn’t hosting a New Year’s Eve Party on CNN (though who knows how much longer she’ll be doing that); she shared a photo of herself, taken by Tyler Shields, that shows her holding a fake severed head that resembles Donald Trump. Playing provocateur didn’t work out so well for Griffin, though, who admitted she’d gone too far with the photo and promptly apologized.

The celebrity gaffe cycle moved on uninterrupted by any executive orders, surprisingly enough, with the president waiting until after he’d had his morning covfefe to weigh in on the matter. In a tweet, Trump said Griffin should be “ashamed” of herself for having participated in the shoot, which he denounced with a succinct “Sick!”


Having already issued a public apology, it’s unclear what Griffin’s next course of action will be at this point, but someone’s definitely watching. The comedian’s lost one endorsement so far—Squatty Potty announced via press release this morning that it’s suspending an ad campaign featuring Griffin.

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