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Apparently Stephen Colbert was just baiting the proverbial trap by inviting Jeb Bush to appear on his Late Show debut. According to Variety, now that Colbert has Jeb’s head hanging on his wall as a trophy (that’s what talk-show hosts do with their guests after the show, right?) he’s moving on to bigger game: Both Ted Cruz and notable Oompa-Loompamerican Donald Trump have agreed to appear on Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Cruz’s appearance is scheduled for Monday, September 21, and Trump’s will be on Tuesday, September 22, where he will appear opposite, and probably look like a total blowhard next to, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz. (Senator Elizabeth Warren is also scheduled for that week, a sort of Listerine for liberals with strands of Trump’s totally-not-fake hair stuck between their teeth.) A dump truck full of Oreos is presumably backing up to the Ed Sullivan Theater as we speak.

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