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Donald Trump and Steve Harvey meet, share some presumably mean-spirited laughs

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Ensuring that America’s inner cities will learn how to act like a lady, but think like a man, multiple outlets are reporting that talk show host and author Steve Harvey has met with President-Elect Donald Trump. Harvey, of course, is a noted American job creator, having personally kept the country’s giant-suit industry afloat for the last 20 years. But he apparently met with Trump to discuss topics like urban development and housing. And while cynics might suggest that Trump was simply trying to curry favor with the country’s most eye-rollingest black game show host—and, thus, black America itself—Harvey seemed enthusiastic about the sit-down.

“I came and talked to the guy who’s going to be the 45th President of the United States,” Harvey said. “[We spoke about] housing for urban development…[to] bring some positive change in the inner cities. He wants to do something. He realizes he needs some allies in that department. He seemed really sincere about it.” That openness was a marked contrast to Harvey’s past comments about Trump, when he denounced the then-candidate for his comments about grabbing women without their consent. (This, after Trump slammed Harvey for announcing the wrong winner at his Miss Universe pageant in 2015.)


All that straight talk, no chaser has apparently worn off, though, because Harvey reported that he and Trump even shared a few laughs before parting ways. “We laughed a little bit. I ain’t been laughing that much the past few days,” Harvey added, referring to the backlash to a recent clip from Steve Harvey in which he mocked the idea of white women being attracted to Asian men.

You know, now that we think about it, it might be for the best if we don’t hear the jokes that had these two cracking up in private. At least Harvey assured viewers that he won’t be Trump’s latest bizarro cabinet pick: “I ain’t going to pass a background check.”

[via Fox News]

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