In what is being hailed as the greatest victory for white men since Eminem was named best selling artist of the decade Donald Trump is teaming up with the Golf Channel for Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf, a show geared specifically for your lawyer uncle who's kind of a dick and keeps nagging you at family functions about the state of your 401K. The show will feature celebrities competing against each other on Mr. Trump's fabulous, luxurious, dynamic, exciting golf courses to win money for their favorite charities.

The televisual sleeping pill/infomercial for Trump's golf courses will debut on April 26th. Tiger Woods' fascinating public implosion has made golf seem exciting and even sexy for the first time ever, so leave it to Trump and the gang to bring it back to earth and make it once again seem like the exclusive province of bored, wealthy middle aged men. Yet we remain, ah fuck it, this looks like the most boring shit ever.