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Donald Glover to bring diversity, Donald Glover-ness to Girls

As Lena Dunham acknowledged in her recent interview with NPR's Terry Gross, America's number one source for frank racial discussion, Dunham is well aware that Girls has a white people problem—and not just the glibly dismissive kind that sums up the show so you don't have to bother engaging with it, but the kind where it's been accused repeatedly of having way too many white people. Dunham told Gross that in her second season she definitely plans to get some non-white people in there, and judging by this set photo, she's already started by bringing in Donald Glover, whose ability to make talk of race seem really lighthearted and silly is well-established on Community. So, now that that's out of the way, we can move on to worrying about how weirded out we're going to be if Glover participates in one of the show's obligatory graphic sex scenes.


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