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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Donald Glover did a predictably good job on Saturday Night Live last night, since he’s good at everything he does already, but if him hosting, performing as the musical guest, and then releasing a video for his new single “This Is America” wasn’t enough Donald Glover for you this weekend, NBC has just released an SNL sketch with Glover that was cut for time. The clip, titled “Cleveland Cavs Promo,” is pretty straightforward: It’s an ad for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it only has all of the players who aren’t LeBron James. Of course, that gives Glover and the SNL gang a chance to pull out a classic SNL comedy routine by revealing the increasingly bizarre character traits that keep them from living up James’ greatness.


Pete Davidson is a guy who only plays in jeans, Glover is a guy who is pretty good at rolling the ball down the court to stall for time, and Heidi Gardner is the second leading scorer on the team even though she’s a heavy smoker. All the sketch would’ve need was some more time with Pancake the dog, and maybe it could’ve made it to air.

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