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Donald Glover apparently found some time to write a Deadpool animated series script

Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

In the year since his Deadpool animated series was announced, Donald Glover has picked up a Grammy, wrapped Solo: A Star Wars Story, and debuted the second season of his Emmy-winning dramedy, Atlanta. But the actor-rapper-producer insists his other projects didn’t get in the way of his work on the cartoon—he even shared a script for the first season “finale” on Twitter.


We admit, we were thrown off on our first skim of the pages Glover uploaded. But now that we see the jokes about guns in classrooms and Bitcoin are accompanied by a reference to the bite heard ’round the world, it’s pretty clear the actor was messing with anyone who hadn’t had their morning coffee yet—or just someone who was just really into Deadpool’s new arsenal of puns. In any case, “creative differences” among Marvel, FX, and Glover put an end to the animated series, but Marvel and FX will continue to partner on Legion.


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