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Last week (or maybe last year, it’s hard to tell these days), Donald Glover quietly dropped a surprise Childish Gambino album online for about 10 hours or so. You could only hear it on one website, there was no track information, you couldn’t pause or fast-forward through any of it, and it was gone by later that day, but Glover had successfully given us all a little something to think about other than that other thing we’re all thinking about. It was cool.


But now, he’s done something even better: He actually released the album! Plus, you can hear the whole thing in the embed below as one single track (or chopped up like a normal album on your preferred music listening service, though it doesn’t appear to be on iTunes yet). We were initially under the impression that the album would be called Donald Glover Presents, since that was the only information on the aforementioned website, but now we know it’s officially called 3.15.20, which was… the date last week when he briefly put it online and not the actual release date. So that’s a little weird, but maybe the day has some other significance. Or maybe Glover just wanted to immortalize the day that the album was only on a website for a little bit.

As Rolling Stone points out, most of the songs are just named after the time stamp for where they land in the full play-through of the album. Also, as people who heard it last week pointed out, the album includes appearances from SZA, Ariana Grande, and 21 Savage. Oh, and just to be safe, maybe listen to this while you can just in case it disappears again tonight. We don’t know what Glover’s planning, but as we said before, we appreciate some interesting news that’s not about that other thing.

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