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Donald Glover is leaving Community to do his own thing on FX

Adding another twist to the wild rollercoaster of “My emotions!” GIFs that is the life of the Community fan, Deadline reports that Donald Glover has signed on to create and star in his own FX comedy series—a project made possible by the fact that he’s no longer a regular in Community, and that most likely that show is going to end soon. Also, everyone you love will eventually leave you, and then you too shall die. The news follows those rumors that Glover was reducing his Community role in order to concentrate entirely on Childish Gambino, thus doing his part to address America’s troubling dearth of rappers. That remains true, albeit in a slightly different way than expected: Glover did reportedly sign the FX deal because of “the network’s willingness to accommodate his music touring schedule,” but the series itself is also “set against the backdrop of the Atlanta music scene” where Glover grew up, so it sounds like Glover simply found a better avenue to explore all of those interests in one convenient place. That place is tentatively called Atlanta—which is fitting, since it sounds like it could be fun and all to go there, but is it really worth the hassle?


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