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Donald Glover is here for sexy Star Wars space blobs

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Photo: Jonathan Olley (Lucasfilm, Disney)

Last week, Solo: A Star Wars co-writer Jonathan Kasdan declared that Lando Calrissian is pansexual, saying there’s a “fluidity” to the sexuality of how both Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams played the character. He acknowledged that Lando’s sexuality isn’t directly addressed in either Solo or the original Star Wars movies, but he noted that Glover’s interpretation of the character “doesn’t make any hard and fast rules.” Today, Glover himself sat down with SiriusXM to talk about Solo, and it turns out that he had similar thoughts about Lando’s sexuality.

“How can you not be pansexual in space?” Glover asked, adding, “There’s so many things to have sex with.” He says it doesn’t seem that weird for the character to be pansexual because there are so many different kinds of people (or aliens or droids or whatever) in the Star Wars universe that it actually seems more weird for someone to limit themselves to just guys and/or girls when you can have sex with a thing that is “literally just a blob.” He also said that Billy Dee Williams told him that Lando had to be charming and that he’s “eclectic,” so Glover took that to the next natural level by figuring that Lando would just flirt with everything.


We’ll still have to wait for the not-yet-happening Lando spin-off movie to actually see Glover have sex with a space blob, but at least now we know it could happen and that everybody would be really into it. Elsewhere in the chat, Glover also talked about that Lando spin-off movie and defended the existence of the Ewoks as both a reminder that Star Wars is partly for kids and that the space drama occasionally impacts people who aren’t the Skywalkers:

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