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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Donald Glover is developing his own NBC sitcom, which definitely doesnt say anything about emCommunity/ems future

Although it is self-evident that Community will simply go on forever—becoming so popular over its next 13-episode season that it becomes like the TV equivalent of Wyld Stallyns in Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, a long-lasting pop-culture phenomenon that brings peace to the world—on the off chance that doesn't happen, Donald Glover has a Plan B. According to TV Guide, he's developing another sitcom with 30 Rock producer Matt Hubbard for NBC, one in which he would star and which would be loosely based on his own life (except, presumably, the part where he is a TV star, comedian, and rapper). "But how can Donald Glover star in another NBC sitcom when he's already starring in the NBC sitcom Community, which will outlive us all?" adorable Community fans are no doubt asking in a small, tremulous voice. Hush now, buttercup. Glover says any new project would always be in "second position" to Community, which will surely go on and on and on and on forever, and this show shall never come to pass, so you just go to sleep now. Oh, you are such a special little buttercup….


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