Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Today, the internet has reacted with predictable glee at the news that Donald Glover fans on Reddit have taken over a subreddit dedicated to Donald Trump, flooding the page with Donald Glover memes, Community gifs, and posts about how Glover should run for president. It’s the kind of fun prank that Reddit excels at, but the fun is diminished somewhat by the fact that this is just a Trump subreddit, not the infamous r/The_Donald subreddit where his most fervent followers rejoice in their racism and pat each other on the back for how hard they’re owning the libs with their unchecked stupidity.

The page being taken over by Glover fans is actually r/TheDonald (no underscore), and it was already kind of a wasteland before it was repurposed into a Donald Glover page. Before this week, it had an even split between posts from real Trumpers who didn’t realize it wasn’t the main board and anti-Trump trolls talking about how shitty he is. One of the Glover fans even told The Daily Dot that the page’s lone mod had been “afk for over two weeks,” which means they were practically asking for pranksters to come in and wreck up the place. That means this is still a fun gag, as Reddit’s regular “the mods are asleep, post [whatever]” pranks usually are, but it’s not quite the brilliant hijacking scheme that it would’ve been if r/The_Donald had been compromised.


Also, the aforementioned mod (who rarely ever posts about politics) has apparently returned, and they seem to have embraced the new direction a little too enthusiastically. As of this writing, the page’s header image has been replaced with photos of various Donalds, specifically Duck, Trump, Glover, Sutherland, and Rumsfeld, and its rules column now simply says to follow all Reddit rules and to “Donald” instead of saying that the page is for discussing Trump’s “great contributions to modern society” like it used to. At the very least, r/TheDonald wasn’t a particularly active community of Trumpers when the Glover fans came along and took over.

Basically, what we’re trying to say with all of this wet-blanketing is that it’s a pretty funny gag, but it’s not going to score The Resistance enough points to truly threaten the pit of mutant spiders that is r/The_Donald—unless everybody starts posting Donald Glover memes over there as well.