Aiming squarely for a certain, potentially overlapping cross-section of GIF-making TV fanatics, horror producer Jason Blum has added Donald Glover and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters to his upcoming thriller Reawakening, according to The Wrap. The film finds them joining a team of research students that also includes Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass, whose discovery of the secret to bringing the dead back to life results in “a series of sinister consequences,” as bringing the dead back to life typically does—a synopsis that sounds superficially like a remake of Flatliners, were that not already happening elsewhere. However, the casting of Glover, Peters, and Duplass alongside director David Gelb—who last focused on bringing new life to recently dead things with his documentary Jiro Dreams Of Sushi—suggests it will have a slightly quirkier, artier spin on the zombie genre. Of course, both Peters and Glover are well-acquainted with the undead; hopefully Glover will once again be the first black man to make it to the end.