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Don’t worry, layabouts: The Price Is Right isn’t going anywhere

The Price Is Right

People who watch CBS’s daytime programming—including college students, retirees, and people without real jobs who freelance for pop-culture publications—can rejoice, as Variety reports that the network has renewed its entire daytime slate for the 2016-2017 season.

Renewed programs include The Price Is Right, Let’s Make A Deal, The Talk, and The Young And The Restless, while the soap opera’s more intrepid, better-looking cousin The Bold And The Beautiful landed a special two-season renewal. Next year will mark the 45th season for The Price Is Right, and presumably yet another where contestants don’t realize they have a much better chance of winning big at Plinko if they put the chip on the first stroke of the “K.”


Angelica McDaniel, a CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution executive, said, “Each year, CBS Daytime produces more than 1,000 episodes of programming—the most for any broadcast network—which is only possible due to the incredible passion of the industry’s best creative talent, both in front of and behind the camera.” That’s undoubtedly true, but she should also note the contributions of hundreds of thousands of layabouts who watch TV all day instead of doing something productive.

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