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Don’t worry ladies, Cee Lo Green is here to explain rape to you

Women everywhere just released a collective sigh of resignation, as a weekend marked by some serious bullshit has been capped off with even more bullshit. Apparently his close personal friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow has done little to teach Cee Lo Green about respect for women, because after pleading no contest to felony drug charges in connection to a 2012 sexual assault case, he went on to basically say that his accuser couldn’t really have been raped, because she was unconscious at the time.

Displaying the clear thinking and sound judgment that usually accompany a Twitter rant, Green declared that women who have “really been raped REMEMBER!!!” before helpfully clarifying the definition of rape for the women of the world:

For some weird reason, Green deleted his Twitter account shortly afterwards (it’s since been reinstated), although he first took the time to explain that he only meant to start a “healthy exchange” about what a creep he is. The only bright spot in this deeply disappointing scenario is that Cee Lo forgot to blame the victim for not wearing anti-rape nail polish, but that’s probably just because it hadn’t been invented in 2012.

Fuck you too, Cee Lo.

UPDATE: In what apparently amounts to a lucky coincidence for TBS’s public relations department, Green’s reality series, Cee Lo Green’s The Good Life, has not been renewed for a second season. The announcement was made amid online petitions and calls for TBS to cancel the show, but Variety reports that TBS had already decided to axe The Good Life before all this craziness went down over the weekend.

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