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Don’t try to keep up with the Game Of Thrones wine-drinking supercut

George R. R. Martin is known for his detailed, occasionally borderline pornographic descriptions of food, but wine fuels intrigue, and intrigue is what makes the Seven Kingdoms go around. A map of Westeros wine country is already available to help plan a decadent Arbor Gold-fueled vacation, but who should noble lords and ladies invite along for the drunken festivities? A new supercut of every wine-drinking scene from Game Of Thrones’ first four seasons should help clarify things—everyone in Westeros has a lot to drink about, but once the cups are drained and the final tally is counted, there’s one house whose drinking prowess clearly dominates all others. Feel free to crack open a bottle of House Martell cabernet as you watch (no judgement), but we can’t be held responsible for what happens if you try to keep up.

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