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Don’t heckle Anthony Bourdain about eating dogs

(Photo: Getty Images, Donna Ward)

Anthony Bourdain is a worldly food guy with a reputation for being a chill badass who loves nothing more than to roam the world, hang out with famous people, and eat some funky stuff. Apparently, though, there is one thing that gets under his chill skin: Several minutes of heckling about the act of eating dog meat. See, one of those funky things he has eaten in his travels is dog, and a protestor interrupted a talk Bourdain was giving in San Francisco to yell at him about how it’s cruel and inhumane to eat man’s best friend:

TMZ has video of the event (above), and though it’s impossible to hear what the protestor is actually saying, we imagine the key point is that dogs are much cuter and more lovable than stupid food animals like chickens or bison, so you have to be a little bit of a monster to actually eat dog, assuming you’re a white guy like Bourdain and the act has no specific relevance to your culture. Anyway, Bourdain took the heckling well at first, countering with a joke about how eating dog can’t really be much worse than eating kale, but after a couple minutes of the protestor yelling and the audience booing at the protestor, Bourdain jokingly declared that if this went on much longer he’d be “going out and shooting a puppy in the fucking head.”


Naturally, that got a big laugh, and the protestor was dragged away by security.

[via Uproxx]


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