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Don’t believe the hype: Flavor Flav says Hannibal Buress didn’t kick him in the face

(Screenshot: The Eric André Show/YouTube)

Mike Pence isn’t the only one making strenuous denials of events that happened in the public eye this week. Flavor Flav has responded to reports that he was kicked in the face by Hannibal Buress while a guest on The Eric André Show. This, despite a circulated clip that clearly shows Flav getting roundhoused (or Roadhoused) by Buress at the conclusion of the interview.

Flav wasn’t really game for the usual absurdity that unfolds during an episode of André’s show. He didn’t walk offset mid-interview like The Hills’ Lauren Conrad did, but he did try to set some boundaries with the host and PA. He was baffled by André dipping into a cold bath on camera, and commiserated with Buress, who said “this show sucks.” But that alliance didn’t last long, as Buress decided to kick the Public Enemy co-founder before going to break. But, sound effects and blocking aside, Flav denies it actually happened, and insists that it was just a bit of good, old-fashioned editing.


It’s entirely possible that the kick was added in post, we suppose, which is presumably why André is the target of Flav’s ire. Neither Buress nor André has really disputed Flav’s recollection, presumably preferring to let the video do the talking. They have been sharing the articles about the incident or joke, though they sound almost as shocked as Flav.

[via Pitchfork]


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