When it was first announced that Sex And The City producer Michael Patrick King was developing a Shampoo-esque show about a straight male hairdresser to the stars struggling with his own vanity, investors were like, “How much money can I give NBC, and will you accept my house in exchange for a few shares?” And that was even before Don Johnson got involved: As Deadline reports, the erstwhile Sonny Crockett/Nash Bridges has accepted that he no longer looks like a Stetson Cologne ad and agreed to poke fun at his advancing years by starring in A. Mann’s World. The character, you see, is named Allan Mann, so there’s a double meaning there. It’s also ironic, considering that in the show, this Mann’s world is the female-dominated business of selling beauty products and day spas. It’s not for nothing that Michael Patrick King is lauded for his puns.

Anyway, in other news, Philip Michael Thomas is nearing completion on Living The Book Of My Life: Chapter Two, which has become a 30-song concept album about the time he saw a dolphin on vacation. Nah, we kid Philip Michael Thomas. He's probably doing some solid stage work right now, and just generally enjoying being comfortable with Philip Michael Thomas.