In a recent interview with Grantland, Don Johnson revealed his latest project will be a football drama, which Johnson has both written in and will star in, and David Gordon Green (who directed Johnson in several episodes of Eastbound And Down) will direct. Titled Score, the story will follow the rise of college football in the ‘80s, with Johnson as an “outrageous fucking coach who breaks all the rules,” in his own words.

Details are sketchy, as they’ve so far been provided only by Johnson, with vague assurances that “I’m gonna do it for streaming,” and that “I wrote it in October and I wanna get it financed completely.” So it’s hard to tell whether this is a film, a series, or a figment of Johnson’s imagination.


In the interview, Johnson also claims to be “doing a thing” with Robert Rodriguez, also penned by the actor, about an NSA experiment gone wrong. A man is injected with nanobots, which give him “the computing power and destructive abilities of Deep Blue.” Yes, the awesome destructive power of chess-playing mainframe Deep Blue. In this probably-theoretical project, Johnson plays not Gary Kasparov, but “an ex-NSA operative who went crazy in the Balkans, and they come get me out of the loony bin” when the chess-playing nanobot menace “goes off the fuckin’ grid.”