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Don Henley says the only way the Eagles return is with Glenn Frey’s son

The surviving Eagles with Jackson Browne at the Grammys' Glenn Frey tribute (Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images)

The Eagles have now said farewell to fans at least three times—their initial breakup in 1980, their Farewell 1 Tour in 2005, and their “final farewell” performance at the Grammys in March following the death of founding member Glenn Frey. It’s now looking like the paragons of California soft country rock might just have one last farewell in them. According to The Wrap, Don Henley is now shimmying coyly away from his earlier claim that the band is officially no more. In fact, he thinks he might know just the guy to replace Frey.

“You know, Glenn has a son who can sing and play quite well. And one of the only things that would make sense to me is if it were his son,” Henley told the Montreal Gazette. “[T]he only way I would consider any kind of reunion, I think, would be with Glenn’s son, Deacon.”


This would be a pretty big opportunity for the 22-year-old Deacon Frey, who has apparently joined his dad on stage before, but doesn’t seem to have made a career out of music yet. Of course, this is all just speculation at this point. “[T]here have been no discussions along those lines, and we’re still going through the healing process, trying to get through all this,” Henley explained. “And those are things that might happen somewhere down the road.

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