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Don Draper is a meme machine

And here you thought Sad Don Draper would be the Mad Men Meme of 2010. Thanks to that old viral-video standby, the supercut, Don Draper has found himself in the middle of another meme, this one branching off from the recent "Don Draper Says What."

Supercuts are amusing, and this one is particularly good, but the real sign of serious memetude is remixability, and "Don Draper Says What" has already proven its mash-up potential. The first and most obvious pairing is with another famous string of "what," the "Say 'what' again" scene from Pulp Fiction.

Enh, fine, but we can do better, right Internet? Hows about we pair up ol' Draper with another monosyllabic master: Hurley from Lost:

It's like a modern-day "Who's on first?" routine. But to see the real meme potential of "Don Draper Says What," we have to assess its compatibility with other classic viral videos. So let's reach back to 2007 and dust off that old chestnut, Samwell's "What What (In The Butt)" and see how these two get along:

Well, that's a match made in meme heaven, isn't it?

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