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Domino’s Japan is training reindeer to deliver pizza

Image: Domino's Japan

Here’s a good way to show your child there’s no Santa Claus: take them to the city of Ishikari in northern Japan, where, on the grounds of a driving school, reindeer are being trained not to deliver presents, but pizzas. Sure, there’s no Santa in sight, but there’s plenty of pizza!

Mashable reports that Domino’s Japan is getting in the holiday spirit by strapping piping hot pies to Santa’s signature bucks, then sending them trotting across the snowy expanse, where bikes and cars just aren’t as practical. Animal trainers are currently hard at work with the reindeer, as you can see in the video below.

You can also catch a glimpse of the updated Domino’s app in the video, which, thanks to GPS trackers in the accompanying sleighs, will allow customers to watch a reindeer icon inch closer to their doorstep in real time while coming to terms with the fact that they just invited a wild animal to bring them pizza.


This is just the latest in Domino’s attempts to phase out the pizza delivery man. Back in March, the company began testing out pizza delivery drones. No word yet on how that test worked out, but it certainly didn’t work for sausages.

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