Like a sudden flashback to a particularly tumultuous moment in Matthew Fox's life, forcing us to look at him from a new angle while he just sort of stands there and breathes heavily, Fox's former Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan has written some rather damning accusations on the Sharpied palm that is Twitter, holding his scrawled revelation that Fox is a serial woman-beater up for all to see. It all began when a Lost fanatic begged Monaghan to lure Fox to Twitter, so that everyone could bug him with "We have to go back!" jokes, expressions of concern over his recent DUI that include references to how they "don't want him drinking around Aaron," ha ha, and questions about what, exactly, he did to his body, man, because holy shit. Monaghan responded with a terse "he beats women. no thanks"—at first glance, a reference to last year's incident involving a drunken Fox punching a party bus driver in the face and crotch, but a sentiment which was soon revealed to have a hatch beneath it leading to some much deeper issues.

"He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often," Monaghan continued, responding to fans incensed that he was making unfounded accusations with "an accusation is when you 'claim' someone did something wrong. i know. but hey little fan girl maybe want to get slapped," and cries that he should be sued for defamation with "it's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth." Which is theoretically true—but considering Fox counter-sued his alleged party bus victim for apparently doing just that, like so many Lost-related theories, if we were Monaghan we wouldn't count on that ultimately meaning anything.