Hurtling you back in time and giving you one more chance to get the '90s right, Emmett/Furla Films has launched Rescue 3, an action series starring Dolph Lundgren as a lifeguard, a syndicated show intended to revive the era when the likes of Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules roamed the earth, contributing acts of heroism for a low packaging price. Or more accurately, Rescue 3 recalls Baywatch—not least because it hails from that show's executive producer Gregory J. Bonnan, who can't sleep at night for all the slowly running lifeguards he sees whenever he closes his eyes.

Lundgren will star as one of those lifeguards—named Captain John Mathews, because Dolph Lundgren is very American—who is described as the "reluctant hero" in charge of a "highly specialized unit made up of experts in air, fire and water rescue," reluctantly pulling people from danger in big action sequences then demanding that he not be called a hero, because he is simply John Mathews, American man. The show—presumably with a supporting cast comprised of ex-football players and former Playboy Playmates—is set to debut on Tribune stations sometime in 2013, at which point you can begin trying the '90s all over again. This time do more sit-ups!