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Dolly Parton talks “getting dirty” in a recently uncovered ‘70s Playboy interview

Blank On Blank

Even before the magazine stopped publishing nude photos, most people in the world knew that the main reason to pick up a copy of Playboy was for the interviews—or at least that’s what we’ve been told. An interview that country music superstar Dolly Parton did with the magazine back in 1978 recently resurfaced thanks to the Blank On Blank series, and in true Playboy fashion, it’s all built around the idea of Parton “getting dirty.”

However, as indicated by the fact that the first question is “when did you first use a flush toilet,” the interview is mostly about, you know, being dirty. Parton was born into a poor family, and she brings up how her family made their own soap and bathed in a river, what they’d do in the winter when it was too cold to bathe outside, and also how she had to share a bed with some of her siblings who would pee on her every night in their sleep.


The interview goes into other topics than that, but when it’s billed as “Dolly Parton On Getting Dirty,” the parts about getting dirty are really the main focus. You can see the video below or head to the Blank On Blank website to read a transcript.

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