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Dolly Parton is kind of the anti-Susan Sarandon. While she’s both outspokenly Christian and a forthright supporter of gay rights, the country music singer-songwriter generally opts to keep her political opinions—be them sensible or silly—to herself. However, while being interviewed by the New York Times last month, she let slip some regrettably un-vague feelings of non-hatred for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary might make as good a president as anybody ever has,” she said. “I think no matter if it’s Hillary or Donald Trump, we’re gonna be plagued with PMS either way—presidential mood swings! But I personally think a woman would do a great job. I think Hillary’s very qualified. So if she gets it, I’ll certainly be behind her.”


The media predictably decided to interpret that lukewarm comment of support as a full-throated endorsement, much to Parton’s annoyance. Yesterday, the 70-year-old musician deemed it necessary to publish an irreverent anti-endorsement of sorts for the former Secretary Of State on her Facebook page:

“This morning while I was watching the news I saw many reports that I had endorsed Hillary Clinton. My comment about supporting a woman in the White House was taken out of context,” she wrote. “I have not endorsed Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. I try not to get political but if I am, I might as well just run myself ‘cause I’ve got the hair for it, it’s huge, and they could always use more boobs in the race.”


She followed that up with a repeat of her “PMS” joke, because she’s a professional, and she knows solid material when she sees it.

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