Dolly Parton (or Dolly Parton’s team) has produced a BuzzFeed quiz to help fans identify which of the singer’s songs they “are.” From the byline of “Dolly Parton, BuzzFeed Contributor,” the quiz is an attempt to match up Parton songs like “Jolene” or “9 To 5” with, for instance, whether a reader is more into Scandal or The Brady Bunch. If your boss tried to hit on you, say, and you’d take him “straight to HR,” then you’re probably going to get “9 To 5.” If your “favorite celebrity couple” is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and you spend your Monday mornings “going to church,” then you’re going to end up landing “Coat Of Many Colors,” etc. Like most BuzzFeed quizzes, it’s fairly easy to rig, but at least this one has Parton’s (supposed) personal touch—meaning it has lots of pics of a smiling Dolly, emblazoned with Internet confetti and glittery butterflies.