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Doing its master’s bidding, ABC will air a live Disneyland 60th Anniversary special

One of ABC’s jobs is to be a good corporate citizen, by which we mean air whatever its parent company, Disney, wants it to air. And so, it falls to ABC to broadcast the Disneyland 60th Anniversary special, according to Deadline. The theme park opened in July 1955, but the live special will be broadcast next February. That’s probably because any Anaheim footage taken in July would be marred by heat-shimmers, sweat-drenched park dancers, lethargic Muppets striking because “it’s too hot for this shit,” and Donald Duck collapsing from acute hyperthermia. Instead, the special will be aired at a more temperate time of year, when the Star Tours Darth Vader won’t literally boil inside his own suit.

The anniversary event was announced by ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee during ABC’s upfront presentation.


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