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Does anyone really need to know Meat Loaf's thoughts on climate change?

That hideous monster from the “I’d Do Anything For Love” video (L) and Meat Loaf (R) in 2011.
Photo: Joe Corrigan (Getty Images)

Meat Loaf has released some killer songs, right? Nearly all of the credit should go to writer Jim Steinmen, but “Bat Out Of Hell” or whatever just wouldn’t have the same punch without Meat Loaf belting out those extremely melodramatic lyrics. Also, there’s no better/goofier ode to doing it in a car than “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights,” which hits the “baseball as a metaphor for making out” thing so hard that it should’ve been permanently retired as a shorthand for…you know, doing it. And he’s in Rocky Horror! And Fight Club! And a Patrick Swayze movie about renegade truckers called Black Dog that is surprisingly watchable! Really, he’s had a pretty solid career with some undeniable hits, and that’s the end of this news story. Good work, everyone.

Oh, right. The “news” part. As reported by NME, Meat Loaf recently spoke with The Daily Mail about a new pro-vegetarian ad campaign he’s doing in the UK, and for what appears to be no reason whatsoever, he decided to throw in the fact that he thinks teenage climate change activist and Nobel Peace Price nominee Greta Thunberg has been “brainwashed” into believing that climate change is real. “She hasn’t done anything wrong,” the benevolent Mr. Loaf noted, “but she’s been forced into thinking that waht she is saying is true.” So that’s pretty dumb, especially since it’s unclear why he said it at all. Loaf has been an open supporter of the Republican party since backing Mitt Romney and he’s now a devout Trumper, so it’s not like there’s anything surprising about him criticizing a teenager like this, but does anyone really care what he thinks about anything?


Sure, we could seriously engage with bad celebrity takes like this, but…we won’t do that. No, no, no we won’t do that!

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