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Documentary The People Vs. George Lucas is getting a sequel

The only thing Star Wars fans love more than Star Wars is George Lucas. Sure, it may seem as though people don’t like him now as much as they did 20 years ago, but that’s only because it has evolved into a different kind of love. It’s like pulling a girl’s hair or laughing at a guy’s ugly face in middle school. If anything, it means you like the person even more, you just don’t know what to do with those feelings. With Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney, though, it seemed like that love would forever go unexpressed.

What’s a Star Wars fan supposed to do when Lucas no longer has anything to do with the series? Keep talking about George Lucas, apparently. That’s what the filmmakers behind the documentary The People Vs. George Lucas are doing for their next project, which, in true Star Wars fashion, is a sequel. While the first film examined the relationship between Star Wars fans and their former messiah in the years following the release of the prequels, the filmmakers will now look at how that relationship has changed since Lucas has effectively washed his hands of the series.


/Film reports that the follow-up documentary will be titled The People Vs. George Lucas: Episode II—because of course it is—and you can see its slick teaser poster below:

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