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Photo: Rhys Thomas (IFC)

One of the fun parts of any season of IFC’s hit comedy anthology Documentary Now! is seeing the slowly growing list of genres and cinematic milestones that Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, and Rhys Thomas have decided to apply their gentle-but-insightful spoofing of the documentary format to next. And while we’re still a ways out from the show’s third season—currently scheduled to arrive some time in 2019—IFC has confirmed the first few subjects for the upcoming season, including the fact that the Documentary Now! team is finally ready to get to the bottom of this whole “moon landing” thing.


Specifically, Meyers and the network are talking up “One Giant Leap,” which is being billed as a parody of ultra-serious space programs like From The Earth To The Moon. Instead of chronicling boring shit like shuttle launches and spacewalks, though, the episode will focus on the real heroes: the TV producers who managed to make such good television out of something as pedestrian as a live broadcast of a man walking on the moon.

Meanwhile, we’ll also be treated to a send-up of the world of performance art, courtesy of “Waiting For The Artist.” Modeled on the 2012 documentary Marina Abramovicz: The Artist Is Present, the episode “follows an internationally acclaimed performance artist as she prepares for a major career retrospective.” (Meanwhile, we can only hope the episode includes a sequence in which the show’s version of Abramovicz gets into a beef with JAY-Z.)

Production on Documentary Now!’s third season is scheduled to start this June.

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