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Amid the increasingly complex timelines of the new Terminator trilogy, the franchise has brought in an actor who’s well-versed in such matters: Doctor Who star Matt Smith, who’s joining Terminator: Genesis in an as-yet-unspecified, yet “major” role that Deadline reports will become more pronounced in the second and third Terminator films that, like our annihilation at the hands of our machines, are already predetermined to happen. Unusually for Smith, he seems to be only one in the cast who’s not a new incarnation of an old character this time—a cast that includes Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke’s John Connor, Jai Courtney’s Kyle Reese, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. But while we don’t know anything more yet, for those who write Terminator/Doctor Who crossover fan-fiction, today is definitely a special day. Is there a story about the erotic yet doomed love affair between a T-800 and a Cyberman yet? Wait, don’t tell us. We want to be surprised.


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