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Doctor Who's Karen Gillan to take Selfie for ABC

Illustration for article titled emDoctor Who/ems Karen Gillan to take emSelfie/em for ABC

Karen Gillan, best known for playing Amy Pond opposite Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who, has signed up to play the lead on Selfie, the new comedy pilot Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek is shooting for ABC. Originally pitched as a modern spin on My Fair Lady, it concerns Gillan's "self-obsessed twenty something," who becomes the subject of an unflattering viral video, then enlists a marketing expert to repair her image. Gillan has some comedy experience, having done a recent stint on NTSF:SD:SUV, and she also appears in the upcoming space raccoon movie Guardians Of The Galaxy.

It was probably inevitable that, after a wave shows based on Twitter feeds, a show would come along named after one of last year's biggest online trends. No, not selfies—complaining about selfies like it's some new horrible thing, and not something people have been doing since the invention of the Polaroid. If Selfies takes off, look for other networks to quickly mold Internet trends into sitcom form, like CBS's Pictures Of Food, NBC's Ermahgerd Look At This Cat, and Fox's Amateur Porn.


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