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Doctor Who will exclusively stream on HBO Max

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Photo: BBC America

Forget Friends, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service just landed another ringer: As reported by Variety, HBO Max has acquired “the exclusive streaming rights” to all modern seasons of Doctor Who—that’s Ninth Doctor and on—with the whole thing set to drop in spring of 2020. Future seasons of Doctor Who will also stream exclusively on HBO Max after they air on BBC America, taking us back to the accessible days when Doctor Who was all on Netflix, except now there’s a totally separate thing you have to pay for.


This Doctor Who deal is part of an overall licensing agreement between HBO Max and the BBC, with the streaming service also picking up the rights to Top Gear, Luther, The Honorable Woman, and The Office (the British one, not the one going to NBCUniversal’s streaming service). It’ll also have select HBO shows, even though it’s not really part of the HBO family, including Veep and Game Of Thrones. There will also be a Gossip Girl reboot and the Greek fantasy series Circe, but none of these other shows are about an alien who travels through time… as far as we know. Gossip Girl might’ve just never actually gotten around to explaining that.

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