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Doctor Who tributes continue with Inspector Spacetime wiki and interactive Google game

Surprisingly—for anyone who has never spent any time around the Internet, anyway—the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who has inspired tons of creative, geek-friendly tribute projects over the last few days. For both exhaustive detail and dazzling design, it’s hard to top the BBC’s own interactive map of every one of the Doctor’s adventures through time and space. But certainly rivaling it for sheer obsessiveness has to be the 200 pages dedicated to a Doctor Who parody that doesn’t even exist: Inspector Spacetime, a running joke on Community for several seasons. What began as a fan-created spinoff on TV Tropes has now been expanded into a full-fledged Inspector Spacetime wiki, featuring pages covering all 12 “Inspectors” and their enemies like the Blorgons and Circuit-Chaps. “There is, of course, no justification for running a joke into the ground this hard except to see if we can force it through to the other side of the planet,” says H. Lincoln, one of the wiki’s contributors.

Meanwhile, some of Google’s non-U.S. home pages are also featuring an 8-bit video game in homage to Doctor Who, where players move the Doctor around various mazes—while avoiding Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels—in order to recapture the six letters in “Google,” which have been stolen by aliens for unspecified, but presumably nefarious purposes. Each time your character is killed, he regenerates into the Doctor’s next incarnation. (And if you need further proof that it was developed by deeply invested fans, note that the Sixth Doctor is shown wearing not the garish, multicolored jacket he sported on the TV series, but the dark-colored jacket that actor Colin Baker wanted to wear instead.)


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