Photo: Wallpaper Direct

Doctor Who is a show about time travel that has itself spanned 50 years of history. So naturally, it can be a bit tricky to keep track of the show’s minutiae. But this new infographic offers up a comprehensive timeline of the show’s main villains that will help clarify things for even the most casual of fans.

The graphic shows the year in which various villains were introduced (in the real world, not the world of the show), the name of its home world, and the Doctors those villains have battled. That’s particularly helpful for fans of the modern iteration of the series who might not be sure which villains are new creations and which ones are pulled from the Doctor’s past. For instance, while most fans know the Cybermen and Daleks are classic enemies, they might not realize the Ice Warriors and The Great Intelligence are also longtime foes.


The timeline was created by wallpaper supplier, Wallpaper Direct. The company also sells a range of giant Doctor Who-themed murals, which means fans can both brush up on their Doctor Who history and redecorate their bedrooms before the show returns for its ninth season this Saturday, September 19.