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Doctor Who Dalek found in pond after years of England just tossing their used Daleks wherever they please

During a routine dredging of rubbish from a pond near Hampshire, a group of volunteers happened upon a submerged, original Dalek from Doctor Who, a nostalgic reminder of an era when discarded Daleks littered the streets like so many crisps bags. “As A Courtesy To Others, Please Put Your Dalek In The Bin When You Have Finished—XO, The Queen,” read the old sign that so many a gormless twit would disregard, bunging their used Daleks into the nearest alleyway and assuming the Dalek-sweep would clean it up.

And while most often they did, filling their dustpans with Daleks as they gave a cheerful whistle, still some Daleks went undiscovered for decades—like the one that bobbed up here, its dome-light smashed and covered in mold, yet retaining the familiar outline of the villain that has for so long terrified and frustrated audiences with its cries of “Exterminate!” and bulky, wastebasket-straining shape. Anyway, those who unearthed this Dalek are keeping the exact location of where they found it a secret, saying, “The last thing we want are sci-fi fans descending on the pond frantically searching for other Dalek parts.” Or, presumably, tossing their own soiled Daleks in there. Please, they have recycling centers for those now.


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