Doctor Strange

If you hung around for Doctor Strange’s post-credit scenes, then you’ve already witnessed the first meeting between the not-yet Sorcerer Supreme and Thor. That brief introduction seemed to tease their appearances in Avengers: Infinity War, but since the demigod sought out the Doctor in pursuit of his half-brother and his dad, it could very well have been setting up Stephen Strange as a third wheel in Taika Waititi’s entry in the Thor franchise. The latter theory appears to have been confirmed—we previously reported that Thor: Ragnarok would see the Hulk team up with Odinson, and that their interplanetary adventures would have a “buddy road trip” vibe. Now it looks like they’ll have a little more company—a synopsis posted to Disney’s official fan club, D23, states that the third Thor movie will “bring together Thor, the Hulk, and Doctor Strange to face off against intergalactic baddies both familiar and new.” Although Thor and Hulk already have a rapport, the latter is the only one of the three who wouldn’t be sporting a cape, let alone a complete ensemble, so perhaps the movie will have some inner turmoil as well.

The end is almost, sort of nigh, as Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3.

[via io9]

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