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Doctor Strange enters the topsy-turvy PG-13 dimension

Doctor Strange

In the two trailers that Marvel has released for Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange movie, it’s pretty clear that its version of magic can make all sorts of ridiculous things happen—from teleportation to some insane world-twisting, Inception-y stuff. Apparently, though, Doctor Strange’s magic won’t allow for graphic sex, excessive violence, or people saying “fuck” more than once, because the movie’s going to be rated PG-13. That comes from Derrickson himself, who managed to post a mysterious message on Twitter directly from some other dimension:


If you turn your computer upside-down, you’ll see that it says “Rated PG-13 for kaleidoscopic galactic intensity and other dimensional psychotropic violence.” As ComicBook.com explains, those aren’t the typical reasons that something would be rated PG-13, so this isn’t an official announcement from the MPAA, but the rating seems pretty unsurprising for a film like Doctor Strange. Oh sure, there was a period of time earlier this year when everybody was hyped on Deadpool and thought every superhero movie needed to be R-rated, but does Dr. Stephen Strange really need to say “fuck” a few more times? It’s not like he’s a foul-mouthed, pot-smoking improv comedian or something.

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