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Doctor Strange coming July 2016, according to dates conjured from thin air

Various news outlets are reporting that pre-production has begun in earnest on Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie, which seems logical for a movie that already has a script and a director (if not a star) lined up. The Hollywood Reporter says that the production is eyeing the U.K.’s Pinewood Studios, the movie studio that has tighter security than many prisons thanks to Star Wars: Episode VII, as the site for filming the onscreen adventures of the Sorcerer Supreme. That, as a possibility at least, can be confirmed.

But many of these same outlets are also reporting that Doctor Strange will hit theaters on July 8, 2016, a date that comes from a Screen Daily article that apparently divined it from some sort of dark necromancy because all Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege will say is that Marvel hopes to begin shooting Doctor Strange next spring. Well, if that’s something we can just do now here goes: The Doctor Orpheus movie, which would arguably be just as awesome as a Doctor Strange movie, is coming to theaters on November 6, 2017. See? Magic! (And yes, the Order Of The Triad will be in it. Obviously.)


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