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Doctor arrested in connection to death of 3 Doors Down guitarist

(Photo: Getty Images, Stephen J. Cohen)

In August, original 3 Doors Down guitarist Matt Roberts died, with officials later confirming that he had overdosed on prescription drugs. Now, Rolling Stone is reporting that a doctor named Richard Snellgrove has been indicted for “unlawfully prescribing drugs” to Roberts. According to documents obtained by Alabama news station WKRG, Dr. Snellgrove has been referred to as a “celebrity junkie,” and an unnamed source says that his relationship with Roberts was “tight.” Dr. Snellgrove has now been accused of prescribing Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, and Alprazolam to Roberts “for no legitimate medical purposes,” and he also allegedly prescribed dugs to other people while knowing that they were actually intended for Roberts.

Dr. Snellgrove has reportedly been illicitly prescribing drugs from October 2010 to August of this year, and Roberts had been one of his patients “since at least 2004.” The unnamed source also says that Snellgrove would schedule appointments with Roberts “after hours,” which is presumably when these dealings supposedly happened.


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