The makers of Lynch Three, the third in a series of documentaries about the life and work of David Lynch, have turned to “crowdfunding” to finance their film—and for a mere $50, you can be a part of it. And while you may be all like, “But times are tight, and besides, all my money is currently tied up in the Candwich,” consider the payoff: More than just the intangible thrill of loosely being a part of a David Lynch-related project, investors will also receive a predictably creepy self-portrait from the man himself emblazoned across their choice of either a collectible print, T-shirt, or tote bag, as well as the chance to submit interview questions for possible inclusion in the film. Lynch Three covers the years leading up to and including Inland Empire, so plan your queries accordingly. (Here’s one: Seriously, what’s up with Harry Dean Stanton and that speech about his landlord?) Sign up to contribute here.