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Do the Scarn in celebration of The Office uploading Threat Level Midnight in full

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Screenshot: The Office (YouTube)

Previously available only as an extra on the season seven DVD, Michael Scott’s full 25-minute version of Threat Level Midnight is now available via The Office’s YouTube channel. The action-thriller penned by Steve Carrell’s Scott was first introduced during the show’s second season, but the story of secret agent Michael Scarn reared its head again five seasons later, when the filmed version was screened in the Scranton office.


In it, Scott’s Scarn goes undercover as a hockey player to prevent the villainous Goldenface (played with sneering aplomb by Jim) from sabotaging the NHL All-Star Game, a mission that hits close to home for Scarn, whose wife, Catherine Zeta-Scarn, was killed at the WNBA All-Star Game.

Only scraps of the film were shown in the seventh season episode, so there’s plenty of new footage in the below clip, which, interestingly, is roughly the same length as a typical episode of The Office. Perhaps they initially intended to show the whole thing?


Something to ponder as you watch Threat Level Midnight as it was intended to be seen.

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