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Do Kelly Clarkson videos share a universe with Schitt’s Creek?

Kelly Clarkson; Dan Levy on Schitt’s Creek
Photo: Taylor Hill (Getty Images), Pop TV

Kelly Clarkson is apparently a Schitt’s Creek fan. A big one.

“I personally love Eugene Levy. I love you, so just want to say that. Schitt’s Creek is the jam,” America’s new favorite talk show host said while at the Critic’s Choice Awards podium last night before presenting the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, for which Levy was nominated. Of course, being Kelly Clarkson, she continued her stream-of-consciousness once she realized she’d played favorites: “Everything else is great too. I just have a lot of kids and I don’t get to watch a lot of television.... Bill Hader, Barry!”


So she may have shared the stage with Stefon instead of Johnny Rose on this occasion, but Clarkson has actually shared a screen with a Levy before: Eugene’s son, Dan Levy.

Before co-creating Schitt’s Creek—and even before becoming the host of the The Hills aftershow on MTV Canada (yup, look it up) and getting to interview Clarkson—Dan was an aspiring actor who was once cast as an extra in a Clarkson music video, something an eagle-eyed viewer realized last year.

“Yes I was an extra in a music video. And yes it remains the single greatest moment of my professional career,” Dan tweeted last May in response to a fan posting a screengrab of him in 2004's “Behind These Hazel Eyes.”


If you want to see Dan in all his blink-or-you’ll-miss-it glory, you can catch him at 2:26 in the video below.

The official Schitt’s Creek twitter account resurfaced this exchange Monday morning in light of Clarkson’s public declaration of affection for the series, prompting the singer to respond.


Schitt’s Creek’s sixth and final season (airing Tuesdays on Pop TV and the CBC) has already wrapped production, so recently events are unlikely to result in Clarkson actually appearing, but perhaps the Jazzagals cover one of her hits. Don’t you wanna see Moira solo on “Since U Been Gone.” Dream big bebes.


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