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Do I hear the blues a-callin', or is Kelsey Grammer exploring a Frasier reboot?

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For 14 years, TV fans have had no idea what to do with their tossed salad and scrambled eggs, but now, finally, it looks like that might change. According to Deadline, Kelsey Grammer is “fielding interest” in putting together a “new Frasier series,” with the plan reportedly being to do a proper reboot with new characters in a new city—but with Grammer’s Frasier Crane still hanging around as a connection to the original show. Grammer is apparently meeting with writers about different possible directions the reboot could go in, and once he settles on something he’s happy with, he’ll start to “move beyond the exploratory stage.”

Nobody asked us, but if Grammer’s still looking for pitches, here’s our take: Kids today couldn’t care less about Frasier beyond its meme status as an ancient sitcom with a memorable theme song. Therefore, in order to update Frasier for modern audiences, Grammer should lean into the show’s irrelevance and do a show about an aging Frasier Crane realizing that nobody listens to the radio anymore, so he moves to some hip city and starts a podcast with some cool millennials. He doesn’t get them, they don’t get him, but together they all learn a lot about each other (and also psychiatry).

Give us a call, Kelsey.

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