It's been a little while since our old pal DMX did anything crazy or criminal or Newswire-worthy. Besides, when you get arrested for impersonating an FBI agent and crashing a car into an airport everything else is bound to feel a little anti-climactic.


What's left for DMX's colorful cavalcade of crazy? How about a bizarre foray into the sweet science? reports that DMX (real name: DMX, strangely enough) will fight Eric Martinez in Alabama, where boxing matches aren't regulated like in some fancier states that think they're all great and whatnot. It's basically a short step up from backyard wrasslin'. The fearless MC turned actor turned boxer won't train for the fight because, well, who knows what's going on in DMX's mind at this point? Will this sad sub-Celebrity Boxing stunt catapult DMX back on top? No, no it will not, yet we remain, as always, inexplicably optimistic. We do know, however that THIS. IS. NOT. A GAME!