Contributing to the recent overcrowding of our nation’s prisons by rappers, occasional hip-hop artist and amateur FBI agent DMX has just been sentenced to a year in jail, after an Arizona court found him guilty of violating his probation by refusing to take a drug test and driving with a suspended license. In an interview, DMX—who has the very un-hip-hop real name of Earl Simmons—admitted that he’d had a drink during a performance in Scottsdale, causing him to get kicked out of his rehab program, which apparently then led to his arrest for drug abuse. DMX’s original probation sentence, by the way, stemmed from a conviction of aggravated assault for throwing a food tray at a prison guard and another for theft, for trying to avoid paying a $7,500 hospital bill by using a fake name. Of course, DMX has been in and out of jail for the last decade, with charges ranging from drug possession to animal cruelty to impersonating a federal agent, so it’s sort of remarkable that he continues to find new, creative ways to get in trouble.