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DJ Shadow kicked off of Miami concert for being too futuristic

Illustrating the many ways in which it clings stubbornly to the past, the old-timey colonial village of Miami recently forced the cancellation of a DJ Shadow set mid-performance, after it was decided that it was "too futuristic." As he can be seen announcing to the audience in this video, Shadow was informed by the promoter at Miami's Mansion Nightclub that "this shit is too future for all y'all," Shadow's set having been heavy on drum 'n' bass, "trap and juke," legalized gay marriage, privatized space travel, and nanotechnology. He was subsequently replaced by his opening act, DJ Joe Maz, who returned to play some more of the soothing big-band swing and reassuring Winston Churchill speeches that the Miami promoter preferred.

Of course, following an outcry from numerous DJ Shadow fans who'd paid a $30 cover to get a mere 20 minute glimpse into the future, the club was forced to issue an apology, saying, "We have learned a lot from this error and made changes within our organization to ensure that Mansion’s vision, and the vision of our guests, will never be compromised again." While the club didn't specify what changes had been made, exactly, presumably its spokesperson delivered the apology while wearing a one-piece silver jumpsuit and hover-boots.


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